November Goals

Happy November everyone!

I can’t believe October is already over, and 2016 is starting to wrap up. There’s less than a month until Thanksgiving, and before we know it Christmas and New Years will be here!

Since it’s a new month, I’ve decided now would be a good time to set some new goals. Here are my four goals for the month of November:

1. Be on time more!

 I know that for me being on time is a huge struggle. No matter how early I wake up or how quickly I try to move, I always seem to be running out the door a few minutes late. This month, I hope to start kicking this habit to the curb!

2. Worry about chemistry less

One of the courses I’m taking this semester is chemistry. It’s a huge challenge for me, and it is a big trigger for my anxiety. I worry about it endlessly, and it’s really becoming unhealthy. This month, I hope to worry less about chemistry and start focusing more on what really matters. 

3. Live in the moment 

As I’ve said before, I’m currently in dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). One of the modules of DBT is mindfulness, and I’m working really hard to start living a mindful life. I tend to live in the past and future, so this month I want to focus on staying in the moment. 

4. Keep moving forward in the process of starting an I Am That Girl chapter at Hunter College

I Am That Girl is an awesome organization centered around shifting girl culture from catty/competitive to uplifting/encouraging and providing a safe space for girls to connect and realize they aren’t alone. I’m currently a member of the NYC community chapter, however I’ve decided that I want to start a chapter at my school since there isn’t one already and I feel like it could help make a huge impact on my fellow classmates. I did a video interview last night (!!) and I’m excited for the next steps.
So, those are my goals for the month ahead. What are some of yours? Comment below and click this link to connect with me on Facebook

xoxo Colleen


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