Five Things I’m Grateful For

For today’s post, I decided to reflect on some things I’m grateful for! I’ve heard that practicing gratitude can lead to higher levels of happiness 🙂

1. My boyfriend! 

My boyfriend Casey is a pretty awesome guy. He is incredibly supportive of me and all of my goals and always wants to make me as happy as possible. He is always thinking about my health and wellbeing, and he always knows how to console me and make me feel better. I’m a very lucky girl for sure. 

2. Dance!

Dance is such a beautiful art and a wonderful release for me. I love the strength of mind and body it gives me and how vulnerable it allows me to be. I have learned so many valuable life lessons through dance, and I feel so privileged to be able to dance almost everyday.

3. Education

I really love learning and having the opportunity to go to an awesome college in NYC! Gaining knowledge is such an awesome power, and I love finding out new information. I also appreciate the structure of school because it helps me feel more occupied and gives me something to do so my mind doesn’t have a lot of time to wander. 

4. Ice Cream

Okay, this one sounds a little silly, I know. But, I really love ice cream! I’ve eaten it a lot in the past few weeks. In fact, I’ve eaten it twice today and I don’t feel guilty at all, which is awesome. When I was younger, I used to love chocolate fudge brownie ice cream. However, I haven’t been able to eat it since I developed/found out about my gluten intolerance. 😦 I really love Halo Top Creamery ice cream, and So Delicious brand GF cookie dough ice cream is my current fave because it’s so delicious!

5. My Dog

I have a Yorkie named Tidbit, and she is the sweetest little thing ever. I love that I’ve been able to spend my summer with her, and I know I’ll miss her when I’m back at school. She’s so soft and loving and always makes me laugh for sure. 

I’m definitely thankful for a lot more than just these things, but I think it’s a great practice to reflect on a few things each day that I’m grateful for. It would be awesome if you guys could comment some of the things you are thankful for below! 


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